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Metro Railway Development Services in India

“Metro railways: Supporting mass transit needs for urban populations”

In more and more cities around the world, metro railways are helping to meet long-term travel demands and stimulate urban development. This efficient, cost-effective, low-carbon means of mass transit is contributing to more connected and prosperous communities – making it a critical, future-ready element of any large city’s infrastructure framework. Metro railroads are helping to address long-term transport demands and boost urban growth in an increasing number of cities throughout the world.

Eka Infra understands the tremendous positive impact of low-carbon/high-mobility metro rail in the nation and the environment. We work with numerous government clients to develop metro rail systems that provide safe, clean and rapid journeys for passengers. We consider it a huge honour to help our customers develop ground-breaking city metros, high-speed lines and light rail schemes. Through robust sustainability strategies, digitisation, smart technologies, and innovations focused on operational resilience and energy efficiency, Eka Infra helps design, engineering and build some of the most innovative metro rail projects. Whether it’s initial preliminary feasibility studies, infrastructure design and architecture, or delivery team mobilisation, systems engineering and asset management; Eka Infra makes crucial contributions at every stage of metro projects, assisting clients get the best whole-life returns and maximum value from their large investments.

Metro rail
metro railway

Our Offerings include:

  • Underground structures
  • Viaducts
  • Station buildings
  • Track Alignment
  • System studies
  • Station Amenities
  • Property Development
  • Signalling and Telecom
  • Utilities
  • Depot
  • Foot Over Bridges
  • Transit Oriented Development

Some selected assignments undertaken are listed below:

  • Consultancy services for claim and contract management – BMRCL, Banglore, Karnataka