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Eka Infra was founded to provide the technical and engineering expertise required to provide appropriate solutions for the development of India’s infrastructure in support of the country’s economic growth. This focus, combined with our culture of quality and long-term commitment, has resulted in valuable collaborations with our clients, who recognise the knowledge, skills, and experience we bring to the development of innovative, cost-effective solutions for their infrastructure projects. Our team of highly experienced specialists is driven by our mission and ethical values, which guide every aspect of our work, ensuring assignments are not only delivered on time but also push the boundaries of what is possible and provide the best possible service to our clients.

Eka Infra’s primary objective is to use our extensive experience and expertise for the benefit of our clients through technology transfer and training while carrying out our assignments. As a result, we ensure effective and sustainable infrastructure at an affordable and optimal cost. This is our contribution to India’s infrastructure delivery through the ethical application of best practises.

We have completed over 40+ assignments and assisted Clients in winning and executing over a dozen assignments to quality, within budget, mitigating risks, and meeting deadlines that would have challenged the best and most experienced engineers.

We at Eka Infra are extremely honoured to be recognised as a “Emerging Company.” Our clients, employees, and stakeholders all played a significant role in making this possible.

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