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Best Metro Consultant Service in India

“Leading metro rail consultants in India providing world-class engineering and design consultancy services for metro rail projects”

Fast-growing cities in India need public transportation solutions that are people-friendly and reliable. Well-planned, well-designed metro rail systems can help meet these critical demands in a sustainable, and cost-effective manner. But metro transport is much more than a means of conveyance. In a broader sense, it also supports India’s urban development and revitalisation goals.

In the long term, it can be a crucial catalyst of the country’s economic growth on a global scale. This is where competent, experienced, and skilled metro consultants in India are vitally important.

Eka Infra offers metro consultancy services in India that are perfectly placed to help the country leverage the potential of metro and light rail for transportation and urban progress. Unlike many other metro consultants in India who provide expertise in only certain niches of the metro universe.

Our expertise covers all disciplines of metro rail projects including engineering, traffic planning, technical due diligence, infrastructure design and architecture, and delivery team mobilisation.

Through robust strategies, smart technologies and a multi-disciplinary approach, Eka helps Indian cities design, engineer and build innovative, safe, energy-efficient and dependable metro rail solutions. Our holistic approach incorporates everything from feasibility studies, surveys and planning, to systems engineering, preliminary and detailed design, and infrastructure improvement advisory.

We are also one of the few metro rail consultants in India who provide fully customised solutions related to cost estimation, contract administration, program and project management, construction management, plus startup and commissioning. As in-demand metro consultants in India, Eka Infra integrates technological investigations with planning processes and execution workflows to deliver optimal and cost-effective metro projects of every size.

We have experts in railway systems who understand the importance of systems integration and assurance, simulation, asset management and traction power optimisation in developing reliable metro systems that will endure for decades. Our many years of experience and advanced technical know-how in the area of metro and light rails empower our clients to get maximum value and best whole-life returns from their large investments.

Our Offerings include:

  • Underground structures
  • Viaducts
  • Station buildings
  • Track Alignment
  • System studies
  • Station Amenities
  • Property Development
  • Signalling and Telecom
  • Utilities
  • Depot
  • Foot Over Bridges
  • Transit Oriented Development

Some selected assignments undertaken are listed below:

  • Consultancy services for claim and contract management – BMRCL, Banglore, Karnataka