Nationwide logistics capabilities are crucial to the efficient functioning of supply chain management systems. And logistical infrastructure is the backbone of logistics systems, helping to ensure that the movement of goods is smooth, fast and seamless. In our current fast-paced world, an efficient, cost- effective, systematic, and digitally-enabled logistics movement is absolutely vital. And such a movement can only be supported and accelerated with modern and integrated Infrastructure. If planned and implemented well, this infrastructure fulfils the trade needs of every individual, manufacturer and industry, and also contributes to the nation’s economy.

Eka Infra enables the planning and development of such critical logistics infrastructure through our visionary and unconventional approach. Modern industry leaders face unprecedented challenges brought on by new technologies, the need for more fluid, “always-on” connections, as well as increasing pressures to keep vital supply chains operational. Here’s where Eka Infra delivers true value through our technical expertise, industry know-how and analytics capabilities. With an unstinting focus on long-term sustainability and continuity, we help to create future-ready logistics infrastructure that supports the logistics movement and fuels economic growth.

Our Logistics Offerings

• Air or Rail Cargo Terminals

• Airport or Port Based Logistics Park

• Cold Storages

• Container Terminal

• Dry Ports

• Free Trade Warehousing Zones (FTWZ)

• Freight Terminal

• Inland Container Depot

• Integrated Multi-Modal Logistics Hub

• Logistics Park