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Eka Infra Consultants Management Team

Sajith Sreedharan

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Eka Infra, Sajith was responsible for setting up the company and forging its strategic direction in India’s booming Infrastructure Consulting sector. Since founding Eka Infra, Sajith’s role has extended to formulating business plans, guiding strategic decision-making, advising the team on projects, leading the sales and marketing portfolio, liaising with clients, and engaging with key stakeholders – all while ensuring that Eka Infra remains a profitable engineering and project management consultancy provider.

Sajith holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Ecology and Environment. He is an expert in the Infrastructure and Civil Engineering sectors, having led 200+ multi-disciplinary projects for Eka Infra and other firms, both at national and international levels.

Prior to founding Eka Infra, Sajith has worked for leading domestic and multinational consultants and contractors in the civil engineering space including Afcons, Bovis Lendlease, Babtie India, Jacobs and BMT Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd, holding highly responsible positions like Site Engineer, Construction Manager, Project Manager, Technical Director, Divisional Director, and Deputy Managing Director.

Throughout his infrastructure engineering and management career, Sajith has garnered rich experience in a wide range of areas, such as feasibility studies, master planning, lenders and independent engineer services, planning and construction management, contract adjudications and determinations, project costing, and infrastructure improvement advisory. In addition, Sajith’s professional expertise and know-how extend to many types of clients and stakeholders, including all major port trusts, maritime boards, banks and financial institutions, major developers such as Adani, DP World, JSW, APM Terminals, ESSAR and Shell, and all the way to smaller enterprises whom he has successfully guided from project planning and fund-raising stages through to project completion.

Sajith’s visionary leadership is the key reason for our organisation’s success. He strongly believes that by successfully leveraging the combined power of people, processes, and engineering digital toolsets, our company can achieve transformation and a strong competitive position in the industry. He is a next-gen promoter who endorses the value of lean thinking, disruptive innovation, agility, and optimization across our organisation’s engineering and design value chain. Further, he consistently walks the talk by always supporting his team to adopt such new-age thinking and implement it to ensure that Eka Infra remains a successful venture.

Ganapati Desai

BUH – Project Management Services

Ganapati Desai is the Business Unit Head for Construction Supervision and LIE Services at Eka Infra. He completed his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering in 1989 and has 30+ years of experience in managing and supervising infrastructure and construction projects. He has successfully managed multiple infrastructure projects and associated works related to bridges, quays, jetties, port related infrastructure, as well as roads and highways. He has worked on these projects all over India, as well as overseas.

Throughout his career, Ganapati has held several roles such as Site Engineer, Junior Engineer, Resident Engineer, Project in-charge, Project Manager and Technical Director, and worked for several major companies such as ESSAR, HCC, AFCONS, and BMT India.

Ganapati’s vast experience and advanced technical knowhow cover multiple areas of expertise, such as project management and reviews, stakeholder coordination, interface management, construction cost estimation, procurement, claims adjudication and contracts management. Ganapati has been a wonderful mentor to our staff and guides the members of Eka Infra in their endeavour to grow and excel in their respective fields.