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Navigable Inland Waterway Services in India

“Navigable inland waterways: Promoting freight movement in a cost-effective, fuel-efficient manner”

Stretches of water that are not part of the sea, but still suitable for navigation for vessels, provide a complementary alternative for road and rail freight movement. The freight movements using inland waterways are both cost-effective and fuel-efficient. Furthermore, since traffic or congestion and fossil fuel emissions from road freight movement are on the rise; inland waterways provide a more environmentally-friendly alternative, both in terms of energy-efficiency and lower emissions.

India’s huge network of rivers and other water bodies play a critical role as one of the most important ecosystems for the freight movement through inland waterways. It is projected that the country’s dependence on such movements will increase dramatically in the coming decades and this requires the development of critical infrastructure that can endure for many years.

Eka Infra is proud to be a part of many such initiatives that have already taken off in the country. We have first-hand knowledge of the importance, condition and cost of good waterways’ infrastructure. We also have years of experience developing this infrastructure for waterways projects all over India. We have the expertise that needs to be built along the waterways to make it a valuable addition the country’s freight infrastructure. Our reputation for world-class designs, comprehensive research, preparation and planning and best-in-class results set us apart in the industry. Our team of waterways experts are proud of every project they have delivered and look forward to contributing further to India’s burgeoning strength in this area.

Inland waterways - top view of inland cargo ship
Inland waterways - Container terminal with yangtze river

Our Offerings include:

  • Waterways terminal (passenger and cargo)
  • Repair terminals
  • Walkways
  • Gangways
  • Floating terminals
  • Slipways
  • Steel pontoons
  • Workboats
  • Cargo movement
  • Dredging
  • Fairway development
  • Tourism Development

Some selected assignments undertaken are listed below:

  • Project cost estimation, vessel identification and SWOT analysis for proposed IWAI facility at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Project cost estimation, specifications for terminals and swot analysis  for proposed IWAI passenger terminals at Patna, Bihar
  • Project cost estimation, specifications for terminals and swot analysis  for proposed IWAI passenger terminals at Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Development and preparation of ISDP for Inland Water Transport in West Bengal.