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EKA Infra

Infrastructure is the key for promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth of the country. The infrastructure sector primarily comprises of Roads-highways, Railways, Metro, Logistics, Coastal Infrastructure, Inland waterways, Economic Zone, Business parks, Renewable energy, Telecommunications, Irrigation, Water supply, Sanitation, Ports, Airports, Resources and utilities, Oil and Gas pipelines.

Due to increase in Population and Rapid Urbanisation including the Rural areas, there is a greater demand on infrastructure improvement in India. The importance of infrastructure development cannot be over emphasised as it contributes to both the demand and supply side of the economy, giving rise to significant multiplier effects.

Infrastructure development not only links the country’s many geographic regions and markets, but also generates employment, provides clean water and energy, boosts better standard of Lifestyle, makes health and education available to all and encourages inward investment. India is swiftly developing in a world where economic growth has slowed, and it offers enormous opportunity for investment and development.

From the Entrepreneur’s point of view, Eka Infra was established with a mission to provide technical and engineering skills needed to plan and design appropriate solutions for the development of infrastructure in support to improve the economic growth.

This focus, together with our culture of quality and long-term commitment, has been rewarded by valued collaborations with our clients who have recognised our knowledge, skills and experience.

Our team of highly experienced specialists is driven by our mission and ethical values that guide every aspect of our work, ensuring assignments are not only delivered on time but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible and provide our clients with the innovative and customised solution.

Eka Infra’s major objective is to contribute their part in the development and  improvisation of Global economy by applying the technical and engineering skills of their extensive experts for the benefit of their clients to ensure effective, sustainable long-standing infrastructure at an optimal cost.

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