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Project Management Consultancy Company in Mumbai, India

Infrastructure is the backbone of any country’s economy, so maintaining and improving its physical networks and processes is vitally important. Infrastructure is developed and operated in a complex environment, so it always comes with a set of problems and challenges These challenges – often related to improper planning, contractual or technical difficulties, misaligned incentives, funding concerns, legal, community or environmental considerations – often hinder, and even stall, infrastructure development projects.

Considering that such projects are often large-scale, expensive and unique, the only way to address such problems is with singular thinking, unique perspectives and innovative solutions. The best project management consultants in India understand these realities, and Eka Infra is one of them.

At Eka Infra, one of the leading infrastructure consulting companies in India, we always start each infra improvement project with a clean slate to deliver tailor-made solutions. We’re also agile and flexible enough to adjust quickly and deliver the best possible solutions for every project. We also ensure that we plan/design scalable improvement processes that can accommodate the future needs of our clients.

Our experts are committed to delivering the most cost-effective improvement services over the entire infrastructure lifecycle. In addition to our technical competencies, it is these qualities that have enabled us to join the ranks of well-respected and in-demand infra project management consultants in India.

Our wide spectrum of services include:

  • Pre-feasibility Studies
  • Traffic Study and Demand Assessment
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Techno-economic Viability Reports
  • Risk Management
  • Master Planning
  • Financial Modelling
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Procurement Services
  • Capacity Enhancement Studies

A few selected assignments from our ever-widening portfolio are given below:

  • Inception and Conceptual Design Report (Ranca Ranca), Malaysia
  • Pre-bid engineering services for berth at Jurong Port, Singapore
  • Pre bid engineering services for Berth 4 at Dhamra Port, Odisha
  • Breakwater at Subarnarekha Port: Optimization and Stability Settlement Analysis
  • GPL- Pre Feasibility Study for Phase II at Gopalpur, Odisha
  • Structural Auditing of Existing Infrastructure at CWCNSL. Khopta
  • Development and preparation of ISDP for Inland Water Transport in West Bengal.
  • Prefeasibility Study for an MMLP at Jammu, J&K