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Construction And Operating Cost Estimates of Projects

Accurate cost estimation plays a pivotal role for any project in any industry. It is one of the major decisive factors for business decision-making, since it helps an organisation ascertain the quantum of investment as well as the potential return on this investment. But to be really useful, cost estimation requires access to a substantial database of costs, and how they change over time with respect to different factors like location, terrain, logistics, quality, type of contract etc.

Eka Infra always strives to deliver precise and timely cost estimates. We provide a variety of project cost estimates:

  • Broad level Cost Estimate
  • Budget/Tender Level Estimate  
  • Detailed Cost Estimate
  • Annual Operational and Maintenance Cost Estimate

Beyond historic precedents and trends, Eka Infra’s team is well- versed with the construction process across sectors, and we are able to relate how works will be built at site. This allows us to verify their cost estimates, and deliver near accurate numbers that have necessarily been risk-mitigated for various scenarios, such as availability of resources locally, high security zones, climate disruptions etc., to name a few.

A few selected assignments from our portfolio are given below:

  • Consultancy services for preparation of a technical report for FTWZ at Chennai, Tamilnadu
  • Pre-bid engineering services for berth at Jurong Port, Singapore
  • Pre bid engineering services for Berth 4 at Dhamra Port,Odisha
  • Breakwater at Subarnarekha Port: Optimization and Stability Settlement Analysis
  • GPL- Pre Feasibility Study for Phase II at Gopalpur Odisha
  • Structural Auditing of Existing Infrastructure at CWCNSL. Khopta
  • Development and preparation of ISDP for Inland Water Transport in West Bengal.
  • Prefeasibility Study for an MMLP at Jammu, J&K