Strategic Advice And Management Support: Eka Infra

Eka Infra primarily focuses on providing advisory services for the infrastructure domain. These include competition analysis, comprehensive financial assessments, detailed feasibility studies, business forecasting based on numerous potential scenarios, SWOT analysis, risk analysis, management and mitigation strategies, etc. Eka Infra also undertakes advisory and policy work related to the financing of major Greenfield and Brownfield development projects, as well as asset disposal and liquidation, mergers and acquisitions.

Eka Infra recommended strategies are always aligned with our clients’ values, vision and mission. We believe that all strategic advice should be rooted in a holistic viewpoint which can capture each and every aspect of an upcoming project, while also understanding the interconnections and dependencies between these aspects. Eka Infra’s experts have the necessary experience and know-how required to identify issues, analyse their potential impact, propose solutions, and monitor their execution in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

A few selected assignments from our portfolio are given below:

  • Business plan and a broad level land use plan for the proposed facilities at Pisarve, Maharashtra
  • Technical consultancy services for Patimban Port, Indonesia