Eka Infra provides independent advice to support management in decision making. We have emerged as a much sought-after support service to clients who cover a wide range of stakeholders in the infrastructure sector. Our reputation is identifying solutions to problems for making problems into opportunities.

It is possible to be aware of issues and neglect them until they become they become a major problem. These issues may be strategic, commercial, economic or technical. Eka Infra brings experience and detail to the delivery of advisory services. We are committed to identifying the issues, proposing solutions and monitoring the execution of solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Delivered in a professional client-centric manner our advice can be used to structure transactions to finance, divest or add value to infrastructure. Eka Infra can also implement the advice we give, providing a full advisory service to our clients. Eka Infra has undertaken advisory and policy work related to financing of major green and brown field development, corporate recovery programs, disposal of assets and liquidation, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Projects Undertaken

• Integrated Mumbai Business Park Private Limited – Business plan and a broad level land use plan for the proposed facilities at Pisarve, Maharashtra.

• David Wignall Associates – Technical consultancy services for Patimban Port, Indonesia.

We are world class specialist advisors with experience across varied locations and types of infrastructure. We have a proven track record of evaluating changing market trends that forms a basis for our strong strategic vision. Where appropriate we are happy to share transaction risk with clients and sharing in the success.