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Resources and Utilities: Eka Infra Consultants

“Resources and Utilities help improve standards of living for an increasingly urban global population.”

Modern society, without a doubt, relies on a complex network of utilities and infrastructure services to develop and maintain high living standards. Water and wastewater utilities, as well as power, fuel, and communication networks, are vital components of any country’s growth and success. Nonetheless, the utilities industry is confronted by challenges related to increasing customer demands, ageing infrastructure, new conservation targets, and more stringent regulatory and security requirements.

Eka Infra takes on these challenges head-on by implementing new technologies and business processes. Our industry-honed offerings leverage cutting-edge technology and world-class engineering in order to build utilities infra networks that are reliable, cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and always focused on a sustainable future. Eka Infra has deep industry knowledge and operational experience in designing long-term solutions that perfectly align business, technology and public needs. Eka Infra have extensive market understanding as well as operational experience in building long-term solutions that perfectly combine business, technology, and public needs. Eka Infra understand the technologies, models and processes required to build, sustain and improve resource management in the utilities sector. For every project, Eka Infra conducts a thorough assessment of all aspects including system reliability, cost/benefit analysis, and hazard vulnerability, so our clients can ensure the reliability and resilience of their utility infrastructure networks.

water sprikler fire alarm system
high voltage electric power station

Our Offerings include:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Instrumentation
  • MEP (Comprehensive)
  • Lighting Systems

Some selected assignments undertaken are listed below:

  • Master planning and improvements to ICD at Panipat, Haryana
  • Feasibility study for the development of a multi-modal logistics park at Pathankot, Punjab
  • Pre bid engineering services for Reconstruction of Jetty for IN at Kochi, Kerala
  • Inception and Conceptual Design Report (Ranca Ranca), Malaysia
  • Pre-bid engineering services for berth at Jurong Port, Singapore
  • GPL- Pre Feasibility Study for Phase II at Gopalpur Odisha
  • Geotechnical Engineering Consultancy Services for Proposed Expansion of Container Terminal CT10 – CT 17 and associated works at Westport, Pulau, Indah, Selangor
  • F and TAS for Ops of Addl LCB (LB3 and LB4) at JNPT
  • Development and preparation of ISDP for Inland Water Transport in West Bengal.