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News Bulletin : October 2021 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on October 14th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Review mega infrastructure projects in wake of IPCC report: Jairam Ramesh : COASTAL INFRASTRUCTURECongress leader and former Union minister Jairam Ramesh is of the opinion that mega infrastructure projects like the Kozhikode-Wayanad tunnel project or Mumbai Coastal Road project should be reviewed and monitored in the wake of the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that said that cities like Kochi, Mumbai or Chennai are going to be three feet under the water by the century’s end due to global warming. Source: Times of India2. Dubai to create integrated economic zones authority : BUSINESS PARKS/ ECONOMIC ZONESSheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has issued Law No. (16) of 2021 creating the Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority, an independent legal entity with financial and autonomy. According to the new Law, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Silicon Oasis and Dubai[...]


Posted by : Capt. Purnendu Shorey on October 12th, 2021 Blogs

Designation : Co-founder - OFFING Group

On 30th September 2021, the World celebrated the 43rd World Maritime Day! I woke up early on that morning thinking that I’ll write a post about it on my LinkedIn and Instagram page with the intention of wishing the Maritime Industry on this auspicious day. But as soon as I logged in, I was subjected to yet another message stating something on the lines of “My name is XYZ, I completed my training from ABC Maritime University, in B-tech Marine course in 2017. I come from a poor family and my parents have taken a hefty loan to complete my education. I have applied to 50 shipping companies but have received no response and now some agent is claiming if I cough up 4 lakh rupees, he will help me join a ship in an ITF company. I am in deep trouble. Please help me sir”. After reading this disquieting message,[...]

News Bulletin : September 2021 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on September 26th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. JNPT set to be the first landlord port : COASTAL INFRASTRUCTURE The publicly governed port authority will function as a regulatory body. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) has picked Crisil Risk and Infrastructure Solutions as transaction advisor for the planned privatisation of the shallow water berth that handles general cargo and the coastal berth dedicated for local cargo movements. The 4.5 million tonne (mt) a year capacity shallow water berth has a length of 445 metres with a depth of 10 metres, and is capable of handling container, cement, general cargo and liquid cargo vessels. Source: The Hindu Businessline 2. India’s Blue Economy – An Ocean Of Opportunities : COASTAL INFRASTRUCTURE On the 2nd of March 2021, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi inaugurated the Maritime India Summit-2021 virtually, which ranks as one of the world’s biggest virtual summits with the participation of a mind-boggling 0.17 million[...]

Report on grounding of M.V. Ever Given in the Suez Canal

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on September 22nd, 2021 Blogs, Bulletin

DISCLAIMER: - This report is based on information available in the public domain through various media resources. Although the information thus obtained could not be verified, the data has largely been cross checked for inconsistencies. Only such data, which appeared reasonable and practical to the author (based on his professional experience and knowledge) has been included. Furthermore, chapters 01 to 05 have been compiled with information available up to vessel departure from Suez. 1. SALIENT FEATURES OF THE SUEZ CANAL The 120-mile-long canal, constructed in 1869, connects the Mediterranean in the North with the Red Sea in the South. The canal is managed and operated by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) since 1956, when the Egyptian government nationalized the Suez Canal Company, which was largely owned by British & French interests. The chairman of SCA is Mr Osama Rabie. Captain Hassanin was on duty at the control tower located in Ismailia[...]

News Bulletin : September 2021 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on September 8th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Forget massive seawalls, coastal wetlands offer the best storm protection money can buy : COASTAL INFRASTRUCTURE Coastal communities around the world are facing increasing threats from tropical cyclones. Climate change is causing rising sea levels and bigger, more frequent storms. Many coastal communities are pondering what to do. Should they build massive seawalls in a bid to protect existing infrastructure? Do they give up on their current coastal locations and retreat inland? Or is there another way? Source: The Conversation 2. NASA visualises how sea levels will rise in Indian coastal regions : COASTAL INFRASTRUCTURE IPCC had flagged that sea levels around Asia in the North Indian Ocean have increased faster than the global average, with coastal area loss and shoreline retreat The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its “Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis” report released on August 9 made sea level projections which are based[...]

News Bulletin : August 2021 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on August 20th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. New report details America's water infrastructure cyber vulnerabilities : COASTAL INFRASTRUCTURE Danny Jenkins, CEO and cofounder of the cybersecurity firm ThreatLocker, was terrified when he first heard the details behind a cyberattack on a Florida water treatment plant earlier this year. Officials said hackers exploited an outdated version of Windows in an apparent attempt to poison the water supply for a local community. Jenkins wasn't just alarmed that hackers had successfully managed to gain remote access to the plant's TeamViewer software to jack up levels of sodium hydroxide to a lethal dosage, but that a single operator could potentially tamper with the chemical levels - regardless of whether that person was a hacker or utility employee. Source: FCW 2. Are floating cities a real possibility? : FLOATING STRUCTURES With the world’s population nearing 7.9 billion, and estimates projecting that it will reach 9.7 by 2050, architects and urban planners naturally[...]

News Bulletin : August 2021 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on August 15th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1.Policy ignition: India's satellite navigation sector set for higher growth trajectory : INLAND WATERWAYS India's satellite based navigation and augmentation service sector appears headed for a higher growth trajectory with the proposed ignition of a policy push towards effective development, operation and maintenance of such systems. The Department of Space (DoS) plans to devise a "comprehensive and substantive" national policy for satellite based Navigation Policy - 2021 (SATNAV Policy - 2021). Its draft has now been hosted on the website of the Indian Space Research of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for public consultation after which it would be placed before the Union Cabinet for final approval. Source: Times Of India 2. Coastal flooding risk has doubled since 2000, putting waterfront economies at risk: COASTAL INFRASTRUCTURE As sea level rises, it can be easy to miss the subtlety of higher water. It’s much harder to overlook saltwater more frequently flooding[...]

Continuous Simulation using HEC-HMS (Part1): The HMS Framework

Posted by : Kunal Konar on August 3rd, 2021 Blogs

Designation : BUH- Water & Environment

Hydrologic Models and HEC-HMS Given a spatial unit over the earth’s surface, which is variously known as catchment or watershed or basin, how incident rainfall becomes runoff at the catchment’s outlet -- is probably the most fundamental question to a hydrologist. Hydrologic models (aka Rainfall Runoff Models) are the main tool that has been used by the hydrologists to answer this question quantitatively. A rainfall-runoff model is a simplification of a complex, non-linear, time and space varying hydrological process reality. Over the years many types of hydrologic models have been developed and have been applied to various use cases. In a recently published work by Peters-Lidard et al. (2019), this development has been nicely captured and categorized into following six eras, as depicted in Figure 1. The development of the Hydrologic Modeling Center’s  Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) started in the beginning of the Geoscience Era and it is still continuing in[...]

News Bulletin : July 2021 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on July 26th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1.New project seeks to improve understanding of floating PV systems : FLOATING STRUCTURES A joint research project has been established to further develop floating PV power plants under real world conditions over a three-year period. PV2Float is a collaboration between the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, RWE Renewables and the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU) and is being funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The partners will test several floating PV systems with different designs and structures to assess the validity of the technology and its real-world application The potential of floating PV from a theoretical standpoint is in the mid double-digit GW range, according to Fraunhofer. The project will examine the technical requirements, economic efficiency, and the ecological effects of floating PV power plants in Germany. Source: Pv-tech 2. Lack of provision for state maritime board in proposed Indian Ports Bill: Odisha:[...]

Learning from Disasters: A Case Study on the Uttarakhand Floods of 2021

Posted by : Subhash KK on July 17th, 2021 Case Studies

Designation : Design Engineer

Mother Earth needs help. But are we listening to her? Or are we ignoring her, as we have done for years, decades, centuries and millennia? Over the years, anthropogenic activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, fertilizer production, planting N-fixing crops, and wastewater disposal have increased pollution levels to drastic and life-threatening levels. Such activities contribute to climate change by causing the deterioration of natural systems and polluting soil, water, and air – making them a huge threat to the environment, and to global socio-economic stability. Although we can’t completely eliminate these activities, we can reduce the pace of degradation and restore our Mother Earth – but only if we act now. To encourage countries all over the world to adopt such an approach, the United Nations has declared 2021-2030 as the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defines ecosystem restoration as “the[...]

News Bulletin : July 2021 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on July 9th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Hitachi ABB & BW Ideol to Take Offshore Wind Power to Next Level: FLOATING STRUCTURES Switzerland-headquartered technology company Hitachi ABB Power Grids announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with BW Ideol, a pioneer in floating offshore wind, to accelerate delivering a market-ready floating substation offering and solution to global customers. Floating offshore wind is considered to be the next big frontier in offshore wind power. By some estimates, installed capacity of floating offshore wind installations is forecast to grow from a modest 66 MW in 2019 to at least 6.2 GW in 2030 as more and more countries in Europe, Asia and North America seek to harness the rich potential of deep-water wind resources. Source: Saur Energy International 2. In Search of the Sea: Opening India’s Northeast to the Bay of Bengal : INLAND WATERWAYS India’s northeast region has for long been underdeveloped and its strategic[...]

News Bulletin : June 2021 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on July 9th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Hussain Sagar to regain pristine glory: FLOATING STRUCTURES Buoyed by the success of a floating boom barrier in Picket Nala to arrest the flow of trash into Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is now working on setting up four automated trash collection systems to prevent waste flowing into the lake. Last year, the HMDA, as part of intensified Hussain Sagar conservation efforts, had installed a floating boom barrier in Picket nala. For the pilot project, HMDA roped in DESMI, a Denmark-based company dealing with marine cleaning issues, for the purpose. As part of the agreement with HMDA and for pilot demonstration, DESMI installed the boom barrier-free of cost. Source: Telangana Today 2. Germany’s Autobahn: Dream or nightmare? : INLAND WATERWAYS The German Autobahn is every lead foot’s dream. No speed limit, where you can really let rip. That is the cliché anyway. The reality? Traffic jam after[...]

News Bulletin : June 2021 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on June 11th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Launch of World’s most powerful tidal turbine: FLOATING STRUCTURES The world's most powerful tidal turbine has taken the next step towards deployment in the Orkney Islands, an archipelago off the north-eastern coast of Scotland and home to some of the strongest tidal currents across the globe. Constructed by Scottish engineering company Orbital Marine Power, the so-called Orbital O2 will ultimately be connected to the local electricity grid to help provide clean and sustainable energy to the communities of Orkney. The Orbital O2 was developed and constructed with partial support from the EU-funded FloTEC and OCEANERA-NET COFUND projects. With its construction completed, the turbine was launched from the Port of Dundee on 22 April 2021 and arrived in Orkney waters 2 days later. The Orbital O2 was towed to Orkney by the C-Force, a 27.7-m multiact vessel belonging to Orbital's project supplier Leask Marine. Source: Tech Explore 2. Cisco digitising select[...]

Drought Declaration: Existing Practices in India

Posted by : Kunal Konar on June 9th, 2021 Blogs

Designation : BUH- Water & Environment

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) characterizes drought as “a complex and slowly encroaching natural hazard with significant and pervasive socio-economic and environmental impacts, is known to cause more deaths and displace more people than any other natural disaster”. As per the estimate by UNCCD, 1.8 billon people will experience absolute water scarcity, and 2/3 of the world will be living under water-stressed conditions by 2025. The World Meteorological Organization’s publication titled, “Drought monitoring and early warning: concepts, progress and future challenges” (WMO-No. 1006) has defined drought as “an insidious natural hazard characterized by lower than expected or lower than normal precipitation that, when extended over a season or longer period of time, is insufficient to meet the demands of human activities and the environment”. The varied agro-climatic context of Indian agriculture and its general dependence on monsoon rains makes it particularly vulnerable to droughts. Given this context, management of[...]

News Bulletin : May 2021 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on May 27th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. A new hurricane-resistant floating solar farm could help replace fossil fuel: FLOATING STRUCTURES A new solar power platform is making waves in the way we think about renewable energy, advancing a novel form of offshore floating arrays. Called the "Demonstrator," the platform was recently towed upriver in the Netherlands to simulate some of the wind and water stresses of being out at the open sea, and it passed with flying colors. While the ideal environs for SolarDuck's creation are cities and islands near the equator (where there's less wind for wind power), the next Demonstrator variant "can withstand hurricane forces" experienced in and around Bermuda and Florida, explained CTO Don Hoogendoorn of SolarDuck, in a video interview with Interesting Engineering. Source: Interesting Engineering 2. Waterways are set to be the new highways in our future: NAREDCO President : INLAND WATERWAYS   If we were to say transportation is to the[...]

News Bulletin : May 2021 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on May 13th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Eco-Friendly Concrete Solutions for the Protection of Marine and Coastal Infrastructure: Coastal Infrastructure The adverse effect that human activity is having on the planet is becoming more apparent each day. Ecological damage is one of the most pressing issues that world leaders and companies seek to address at the moment. Finding sustainable solutions for marine and coastal infrastructure is one issue that is of particular concern to governments and companies worldwide. Luckily, there are companies providing these solutions at the moment, and one of them is ECOncrete. It is estimated that around 40% of the world's population lives within 100 km of a coastline, and this is predicted to grow further over the coming years. Three billion people worldwide rely on marine and coastal ecosystems for food, building materials, and agricultural and recreation areas. This leaves a significant and growing proportion of humans vulnerable to intensifying climate-change-related extreme weather events,[...]

Auditing Air Pollution Emissions from an Industrial Process

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants Private Limited on May 10th, 2021 Blogs

Air pollution in India is a growing health issue and environmental problem. Some of the most polluted cities in the world, are found in India, where millions of people breathe air that often exceeds the World Health Organisation air quality guidelines for human health and social wellbeing. Of the world's most polluted 30 cities, 22 are in India, according to research by IQ AirVisual, a Swiss-based group that gathers air-quality data globally, and Greenpeace. It has been estimated that more than 51% of the air pollution is generated from industrial processes, with the other significant pollutant emitter being motor vehicles, particularly in urban areas.  India’s poor air quality contributes to the premature deaths of many people every year, and significantly impacts the Indian economy. Unless action is taken the situation will deteriorate further. The current situation is not sustainable. Greater control and audit of India’s industrial processes is required to ensure they[...]

News Bulletin : April 2021 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on April 27th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. The silent rise of India’s private ports In August 2020, Karan Adani, chief executive officer of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone (APSEZ) and scion to the Adani group, informed stock analysts on an earnings call that his flagship port—Mundra, in the gulf of Kutch—had become the busiest port in the country. After nipping at the heels of its closest competitor for container traffic, JNPT (Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust) at Navi Mumbai, for the last few years, Mundra finally pulled ahead in the first quarter of FY21, staging a faster recovery from the covid slump than the central government controlled JNPT could. Since then, Mundra has repeated this feat every subsequent month, consistently widening the gap in container volumes between itself and JNPT. At the end of FY21, 7.22 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units, a measure of container cargo capacity) had passed through Mundra, 16% higher than the previous year.[...]

Key Infrastructure Challenges for India’s Smart Cities

Posted by : Dr. Nitin Jhanwar & Subhash K K on April 23rd, 2021 Industry News

Designation : Subhash KK - Design Engineer, Dr. Nitin Jhanwar - Sub - Consultant

The best way to assess the growth of a city is to pursue a holistic approach that evaluates multiple factors, including its urbanisation level, social fabric, environmental health, and economic growth including the scope and breadth of its community welfare efforts. So naturally, future growth opportunities depend on the ability of decision-makers to optimally harness all these elements. Smart Cities in India are being developed by the Smart Cities Mission under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. As there is no universal definition of a “Smart City”, each city and country comes up with their own definition, meaning and goals. However, what is universally accepted is that a Smart City is a holistic ecosystem of various communities. India’s Smart Cities and the City Challenge India has identified 100 cities that have the potential to be transformed into Smart cities, under the umbrella of a contest called “City[...]

News Bulletin : April 2021 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on April 9th, 2021 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Current fiscal 'most challenging' for Indian Railways: Piyush Goyal During the lockdown, all services of the railways had come to a grinding halt and even now, only special trains are plying Acknowledging that this fiscal was the "most challenging" for Indian Railways, Minister Piyush Goyal said it was time to rewrite the future of the national transporter as "self-sustaining, punctual, green and first choice of business". At a review meeting with Railway Board members and general managers of zonal railways, Goyal said in the future, the success of Indian Railways would define the success of the nation. Source: Business Standard 2. China to add 30 civil airports, more railways and highways in 5 years To meet its 14th Five-Year Plan goals, China plans to construct 30 civil airports, 3,000 kilometers of railways, as well as 25,000 kilometers of highways in the next five years, shaping a strong domestic transport network[...]

Eka Infra’s National Safety Week Campaign

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on April 2nd, 2021 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

This year, from 4th March to 10th March 2021, India celebrated 50th National Safety Week. The theme of this year’s event was Learn from Disaster and Prepare for a Safer Future. Since 4th March 1972, National Safety Day has marked the establishment of the National Safety Council (NSC), headquartered in Belapur, Maharashtra. The NSC is a Public Trust entrusted with the responsibility of spreading safety awareness among the people of India. This year marked the 50th Birth Anniversary of this landmark organisation that has made a tangible difference in improving India’s safety posture. “Safety work is today recognised as an economic necessity. It is the study of the right way to do things." – Robert W. Campbell, first president of the National Safety Council. Eka Infra also celebrated National Safety Week! From 4th to 10th March 2021, we commemorated this special occasion at two locations: Gopalpur Port, Odisha and our Head office[...]

The Important Links between Effective Administration and Organisational Success

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on January 20th, 2021 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

In any kind of organisation, regardless of its size, experience, sector or industry, its admin function plays a very significant role in ensuring smooth operations and streamlined processes. On a day-to- day basis, routine tasks can pile up without admin staff to handle them and ensure they are completed as per requirement. Also, for every department, delivering quality output on time and within constraints like scope and budget can take the company to new heights of success. And this is one of the many key areas where admin plays a critical supporting role. An administrator is also a very important link between various departments, helping to improve collaboration and deliver more powerful outcomes. Moreover, admin staff are often the first people outsiders such as prospective customers, vendors, business collaborators, etc. speak with. This makes them important gate-keepers and brand stewards for the company. All in all, it is very difficult to[...]

Incremental improvement through Navigation Audits

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on December 15th, 2020 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

Seafarers have always been engaged in a dangerous profession and though much progress has been made in this age of satellite technology, many of the risks remain and incidents still frequently occur on the high seas and in the approaches to ports. Just in the last few weeks we have seen four major casualties. Historically shipping has been a high-risk enterprise with many ships being lost close to port. One of the greatest risks that ship owners, seafarers, charterers or even a port operator takes is that of a navigation incident leading to a major casualty. Incidents come in many forms: collisions, groundings, anchors dragging etc. The industry needs to reflect further, how is it that ships with advanced navigation systems and sophisticated communication technologies still find themselves involved in groundings, collisions and other incidents? Planned, periodic and snap audits have a place in reducing the number of such incidents through[...]

Reskill to Upskill: Sustainable bridging of Data Deficiency

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on November 30th, 2020 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

Workforce constitutes any enterprise’s most valuable asset especially in the infrastructure sector. The growth and development of any firm is hence based on the development of the workforce as it is technical and technology driven at the management level. Understanding their workforce from the perspective of an asset and intelligence defines the base strength of any enterprise. Development of any employee is contributed by various factors like the social, physical, and work life upliftment with ample focus on basic technical know-how and data management. Focusing on the upliftment of work life of any employee, we must understand that he/she should have the urge to develop critical thinking and scientific temper. These skills enable the employee to handle the competition/ challenges and simultaneously to overcome his/her limitations. All such skills are rooted in two simple words, “reskill” and “upskill”. Reskill is to face the challenges and to learn skills completely different from[...]

India’s Atmanirbhar trade- What the future holds

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on July 21st, 2020 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature and way trade will evolve. The effect on trade is already noticeable. A supply shock as China closed its factories was noticed with container ships sailing from China being blanked (suspended). As this shock lessened a demand shock started with shops across Asia, Europe, and the US closing their doors. Economists are comparing the lockdowns with the financial crises of 2008-2009 and the great depression of the 1930’s. The World Trade Organization (WTO) has predicted that world trade is going to fall between 13 to 32%. The global institutions are trying their best to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the world economy. Many countries are focusing their efforts on restarting their businesses and protecting their vital and essential supplies during this and future pandemics. Policymakers are already turning their minds to seek long- term lessons from the pandemic. They have looked deeply into[...]

The Jiggly Tunes- Opportunistic use of the crisis

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on July 20th, 2020 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

It seems like yesterday when our mornings started with school; evenings were occupied with outdoor activities and the day ended with completing our homework’s! Indeed, they were typical school days. Currently, we find ourselves struggling to comprehend the new world. A world where pandemics have potential to cause a wreck. New infectious diseases are emerging and causing havoc. Do you feel that spending 24 hours indoors has come out as a new challenge? As days passed boredom strikes and as the saying goes, “an empty mind is the devil’s house”. But in my case the emptiness gave me the inspiration and potential to learn and explore new things. As I was very fond of animals and the facts revolving around them; it gave me immense joy to spread the knowledge. YOUTUBE was an ultimate platform to showcase and spread the gathered facts about scientific stuff. In this way the present situation[...]

Celebrating Biodiversity on World Environment day

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on June 18th, 2020 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

Established by the UN, World Environment day (5th June) , is celebrated to raise awareness on environment and mobilise action for environment protection. Eka Infra takes immense pleasure in doing there bit for promoting conservation. At Eka Infra, we invited our staff and their children to come forward and give in their inputs towards creating awareness about World Environment Day. Following this year’s theme of biodiversity, the team and their kids expressed their ideas in form of beautiful art on Biodiversity and Environment.

COVID-19 and Dredging Industry – Part VI

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on June 18th, 2020 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

[The following questions raised by the dredging industry for clarification. The clarification of the author is based on his personal opinion and the same cannot be construed as legal or contractual reference. This series is meant only to share knowledge with the industry] 1. What is the effect of Covid-19 on the Dredging industry? No sector or industry except essential services remains unaffected by Covid-19. Port dredging work remains largely unaffected, unlike inland waterways, river dredging and dredging of closed water bodies that are largely affected. At many ports across the globe, work is uninterrupted. They have adopted precautions issued by their flag state authorities. Dredging work could have halted if the port had experienced complete lockdown by closing its navigational channel. However, globally it was observed that port dredging work, both maintenance and capital, remained fairly unaffected. This was because the port management cannot afford formation of a plume in[...]

COVID-19 and Force Majeure–Part V

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on June 17th, 2020 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

India has been under a national lockdown except for essential services. We are entering the 42nd day of the lockdown as we draft this blog. Globally, most of the nations have declared lockdown which has resulted in jeopardizing the supply chain and logistics affecting domestic,international, multi- party contracts and cross border contracts. This effect could result in an unprecedented and an unforeseen potential surge in contractual disputes due to temporary suspension of performance under “Force Majeure”. This event explicitly provides what is beyond the reasonable control of the affected party or was not reasonably foreseen. It is essential to determine if Covid19 will qualify as a Force Majeure event. This will depend on the language of definitions adopted in the contract under the Force Majeure clause. The definitions, in the said clause, should be inclusive of an outbreak of diseases/pandemic to make Covid 19 qualify as a Force Majeure event. If Force[...]

COVID-19 and FIDIC – Part III

Posted by : Sajith Sreedharan on May 20th, 2020 Blogs

Designation : Managing Director

A Short Guide to the FIDIC Contracts amid the Covid 19 Pandemic On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 crisis – a pandemic that is time-dependent and geography-independent – as a “public health emergency of international concern”. , This statement followed by the declaration of national lockdowns by several federal and state-level Governments all over the world have jeopardised thousands of commercial contracts in almost every industry. In general, contracts could be governed by well-drafted FIDIC clauses. They could also be based on any standard international format. Alternately, contracts could be completely ‘bespoke’, i.e. tailored to fit the specific requirements of a particular project. This article focuses on FIDIC contracts and the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on these particular types of contracts. Bespoke contracts, governed by Section 56 of The Indian Contract Act, 1872, are beyond the scope of this article. Almost all FIDIC contracts contain[...]