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PATH Selects Eka Infra for India’s Largest Multi-Modal Logistics Park in Bengaluru under PM Gati Shakti Plan

Posted by : Eka Infra on December 31st, 2023 General, Industry News

Designation : Content Team

Prakash Asphaltings & Toll Highways India Limited (PATH) have selected Eka Infra Consultants Private Limited as their primary project management and engineering partner for Phase 1 of a Multi-Modal Logistics Park (MMLP) in Bengaluru. The project is the first, the first MMLP to be implemented under the PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan. It will, when operational, be the largest MMLP in India. Eka Infra’s team was selected due to its proven track record for teamwork and dedication to excellence in infrastructure planning and engineering. The 2-year development program will demonstrate the ability of Eka Infra to fast-track design and project implementation without compromising on quality and governance. Sajith Sreedharan, the Managing Director of Eka Infra said, “A big thank you to PATH and every member of Eka Infra who contributed to demonstrating our capacity to deliver this critical infrastructure development. The trust developed and the teamwork built must continue into[...]

Bhaiyya. Ek cutting. Kadak: Chai Culture at The Indian Workplace

Posted by : Spandana Bandari on December 31st, 2023 Blogs, General

Designation : Associate

The love for chai is an ever-present reality in India, especially in the workplace. The temperature outside may be 4oC  r 45oC but rarely has an Indian shied away from a chai invitation. Every Indian workplace, be it an astir corporate office or a small business, each entity has it's own chai culture. Employees of all levels engage in a 'chai ritual' where they gather at the office pantry or a chai stall (tapri) to have tea. An affordable beverage, all loves chai irrespective of socioeconomic differences. Tea culture in India can trace its roots back to ancient times, where it began as a potion of herbs and medicinal infusions. Making its debut in Asia around 3000 BC and initially served as an herbal drink, an exclusive beverage for the nobility. Its initial iteration was a combination of spices, with no actual tea leaves involved. A transformative moment came as tea[...]

Pre-Engineered Building – The Steel Revolution

Posted by : Ms. K Revathy Nair on November 16th, 2023 Blogs, General

Designation : Manager- Design Services

Few days back, I was part of a meeting that our team was having with a key Client to discuss a project encompassing Civil and PEB works and Planning. The discussion gradually veered towards the commercial domain, when suddenly the Client dismissed most of the work including PEB work as “petty works”. Having a PEB (Pre-Engineered Buildings) background and a habit of introspecting each and every sentence that comes out of everyone around me, I felt I should set straight the perception on quality engineering and planning and its importance in execution, operations and maintenance. Although, after few moments of scrutiny I realised the Client’s observation was absolutely justified since PEB design and its implementation is absolutely simple, cost effective and takes very less time. However, when someone calls it petty work, I thought of penning down my views on what it entails to make these structures simple, elegant and cost[...]

INDIA-The most preferred Emerging Market

Posted by : Ms. Spandana Bandari and Ms. Seena Arangath on November 7th, 2023 Blogs, General

Designation : Associate and Assistant Manager (Sales and Marketing) respectively

A recent article in the Economic Times, said “Morgan Stanley upgrades India to 'standout overweight' market.”  That is a positive endorsement for India as the preferred Equity Markets in the emerging economies. Another sign of India’s economic growth and prosperity. It illustrates that more people have more disposable income to spend as they want on goods and services. These facts join to enable entrepreneurs to access capital and create jobs, creating a virtuous circle of growth and economic development in a growing and young population.The Indian equity market has been one of the best for value generation in recent years. It has consistently outperformed other major markets including the US and European markets. In numbers, from early 2021 until October 2022 the MSCI EM index increased by 45.5% (in USD terms. India is performing as the outstanding market in relative EPS [Earning Per Shares] in the emerging economies. As a bonus,[...]

The Persuasion Puzzle

Posted by : Ms. Spandana Bandari on September 13th, 2023 Blogs, General

Designation : Associate

"What is distinctively human at the most fundamental level is the capacity to persuade and be persuaded" - Bertrand Russell, 1927 Welcome to the capitalistic bonanza everyone, hope you enjoy your stay. You can avail an upgrade at a small price of just half of your peace of mind, that has been ruined by constantly being pushed towards advertisements. In today's world, saturated with capitalist influences and relentless advertising, it becomes essential to explore approaches beyond aggressive sales tactics to build trust and credibility with sceptical prospects. So how does a sales representative go beyond and build trust with sceptical prospects rather than being pigeonholed as being aggressive and pushy? By knowing when and how to implement a soft selling approach. Soft sellers possess a remarkable skill set that keeps prospects engaged without resorting to pushy techniques. By avoiding incessant pressure and allowing room for deliberation, they provide valuable information and[...]

Cultivating Collaboration: The Evolution And Benefits Of Early Contractor Involvement In Construction Projects

Posted by : Mr. Sajith Sreedharan on September 11th, 2023 Blogs, General

Designation : Managing Director

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) in construction projects is a project delivery approach where the potential contractors are consulted during the early stages (often the project concept phase) of the project. This approach gained popularity in the early 20th century to streamline projects as a response to the complexity of large infrastructure projects. It aims to supplement the project from the concept phase until completion with the experiences of several competent contractors in the field and is useful irrespective of the contracting methodology (i.e., single package EPC contract or project scope divided to several packages) followed by the project owners/promoters. The shortcomings of traditional approach where contractor interactions during the initial/pretender phase was frowned upon and often led to in cost/time overruns due lack of trust and understanding amongst the parties.Early contractor involvement provides advantages that are driven by their knowledge of:1. Available and/or ease of procurement of construction materials (and costs)2.[...]

Work Permit System – Code of Practice: IS 17893: 2023

Posted by : Mr. Pinaki Ray on August 24th, 2023 Blogs, General

Designation : HSE Manager

The Bureau of Indian Standards released IS 17893:2023 - Work Permit System — Code of Practice in June 2023. This Standard was adopted by the BIS after the draft finalized by the Chemical Hazards Sectional Committee had been approved by the Chemical Division Council. The purpose of this standard is to establish a systematic method to identify potential hazards and outline the necessary precautions to establish safe working conditions for carrying out any work and this standard provides guidance for preparation of work permit for work areas whose activities are restrictive in nature such as 'cold work’, 'hot work’, 'electrical Work’, 'height Work’ etc.What is Work Permit System?The work permit is a certified procedure for allowing certain work to be carried out in a fixed place and during a given period of time. It is also a procedure authorizing entry to certain facilities. It provides a check list for a systematic[...]

Precast and in-situ Construction – Importance and stage-wise Design approach

Posted by : Mr Bhavdip Shah on May 22nd, 2023 Blogs, General

Designation : Marine Structural Engineer

Objective: Precast and in-situ construction methods are commonly used in the construction industry. Precast refers to the manufacturing of components off-site, usually in a controlled factory environment, while in-situ (also known as cast-in-place or site-cast) construction involves pouring concrete on-site into formwork to create the desired structural elements.Stage-wise design refers to the process of designing a structure in different stages or phases considering the construction sequence and the specific requirements of each stage. When combining precast and in-situ construction methods in a stage-wise design, the overall construction process can be optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For example, using pre-cast elements as permanent formwork for larger concrete structures.Here's an overview of how this approach can be implemented:Preliminary Design: During the preliminary design stage, the overall structure is conceptualized, and its general requirements are determined. Factors such as loading, building codes, architectural considerations, and functional requirements are considered.The decision to use precast or[...]

Fire Prevention Technology for Infrastructure Development Project

Posted by : Pinaki Ray on April 26th, 2023 Blogs, General

Designation : HSE Manager

Many fire-related high-risk activities, such as welding, cutting, grinding, others hot works, temporary electrical and lighting equipment etc., are involved in infrastructure development projects. In addition to the storage or use of highly flammable materials, both of which can be extremely hazardous and harm people, infrastructure, and the environment. In development projects, there are frequently fire incidents. Given the severity of the fire safety issues, it is necessary to implement the following fire prevention technology in order to prevent fire incidents. 1.Fire Hazard Identification and Risk AssessmentThe first step in fire prevention is to conduct a risk assessment prior to beginning the project to identify potential threats and triggers that might result in an emergency.Hazards can include:-Faulty electric connection and cables-Overloaded or defective plug sockets-Heating appliances-Combustible materials and flammable liquids placed near heat sources-Smoking and open flames-Poor housekeeping2.Fire Prevention PlanA fire prevention plan must be implemented to prevent a fire from[...]

Drone Use – Safety & Legal Requirements

Posted by : A. Y. Sundkar on March 6th, 2023 Blogs, General, Podcast

Designation : Director, National Safety Council

Issued in: Industrial Safety Chronicle VOL. No. LIII | No.2Droners are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Unmanned Aircraft System (UASs). It can be remotely controlled through software, working in conjunction with on board sensor and Global Positioning System (GPS). With advancement in technology, drones are used for different purpose and application such as delivery, national highway mapping, smart agriculture work, agriculture land survey, forest monitoring, surveillance emergency response, etc. Also, it has been used for high-risk jobs wherein many types of risks are eliminated including exposer to health and unsafe conditions e.g. inspection of electricity transmission towers, pipelines, structural stability, tall chimneys, boilers, etc.To regulate the drone related activities in a manner such that they do not pose any risk to safety or security of people and assets; the Govt of India promulgated the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Rules, 2021 w.e.f. 12th March, 2021. However, these Rules are[...]

Eka Infra Podcast Ep2|Contract Management Connection:Insights & Discussions with Mr. N Srinivasan

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on February 15th, 2023 Blogs, Podcast

Podcast EP 2: Contract ManagementJoin us as we dive into the world of contract management! Our expert, Mr. N Srinivasan, will be leading a discussion with our staff on this crucial aspect of technical excellence at Eka Infra. With over 35+ years of experience in contract management, Mr. Srinivasan is the perfect guide for our podcast-based interaction. This is just the start, as we aim to explore the vast subject of contract management in-depth, starting with some of the key tasks performed by contract managers in projects and organizations. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn and grow with us!

Concrete Mix Design – Secret Recipe

Posted by : Mr. Vinod Bhagwat on January 31st, 2023 Blogs

Designation : Manager (PMC- Project Coordination)

Concrete mix design overviewConcrete is the most important material in the infrastructure projects and the concrete mix proportions are the most important aspects of working with the concrete. Designing a concrete mix needs to follow dedicated and judicious approach which requires detailed analysis of available raw material (concrete ingredients) and composition thereof. Concrete mix is a combination of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, cement and water. Admixtures are used to increase workability and setting time of concrete mix without affecting its durability, consistency and other strength parameters. Some project specification allows replacement of cement content partially with pozzolanic material such as fly ash, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS), silica fumes etc. to give increased impermeable and durable concrete. In this blog we are looking at some important things that we need to keep in our mind while designing concrete mixes. As we all know, during the mix design trials we attempt[...]

The Blue Economy – Definition and Prospects

Posted by : Subhash K K on December 26th, 2022 Blogs

Designation : Design Engineer

The Old Man and the Sea reflects on determination and character.  It can be seen as a simile for the human relationship with the ocean. That relationship is nearly as old as man, complex and to a degree parasitic.The ocean is a source of food, energy, trade and adventure. The coastal zone is increasingly critical for human population and development.  Research, innovation and investment makes the ocean an ever more important source of food and energy.  This has also aided in opening up the ocean as a source of biological diversity and providing hopes for delivering a biomedical resource.Although humans are gaining in understanding the bounty of commodities, non-market goods and services that can be generated from the ocean, they also appear adept at exploiting the ocean’s resources far beyond sustainability. The ocean is large but not infinite.  Humans seem intent on overburdening the ocean and depleting or destroying the resource[...]

A Year in the Life of a Fresh Graduate Engineer

Posted by : Amala Bennichan on December 9th, 2022 Blogs

Designation : Design Engineer

I am Amala Bennichan, and I hold a Master's in Technology in Offshore Structures degree. As an individual who spent almost 1/4th of her lifetime in education, my goal was to be independent by acquiring a job and leading a superior quality of life. During my Graduation in 2020, Covid 19 hit the world, and a sudden holdback stopped every individual's life. Being a Fresher, I was going through all the possible sources for getting a job which under normal circumstances was a challenging task, and the pandemic made it worse. The companies were laying off people from jobs, reducing salaries, shuffling the workforce and, in extreme cases, even shutting down offices. The few numbers of jobs that may have been available were only for experienced people. For a year, I was idle at home. One day, while surfing online for job opportunities, I came across a startup engineering company called[...]

Possibilities for Indian maritime sectors in the changing times

Posted by : Shanid KP on August 29th, 2022 Blogs

Designation : Associate

After 80 years of driving global economic growth and peace, international trade is now facing multiple challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted supply chains, and high fuel prices caused by the Russia-Ukraine war have made transportation costs unmanageable for many businesses. The war has also affected international grain trading. The recent crisis in Sri Lanka is linked to the war as well. Tensions between China and Taiwan have grown, leading some to fear that globalization is going into reverse—a trend supported by all previous challenges. Furthermore, decisions about how to respond to anthropomorphic climate change will influence the following: which fuel is chosen, where it is sourced from, and even more pressure for shorter supply chains.It is impossible to predict how international trade will be reshaped as technological and economic forces push and pull on the strategies of shipowners, ports, and logistics companies. Economic commentators have been talking about inflation, recession,[...]

Delay analysis in construction contracts

Posted by : N Srinivasan on June 22nd, 2022 Blogs

Designation : Advisor (Contracts)

Delays are encountered in a large number of projects. Schedulers and Project managers need to identify /analyse and implement appropriate corrective steps including actions to prevent such delays from re occurring. The reasons for delays are often due to, improper/insufficient planning, lack of competence/experience of some of the participants, changes in techno commercial terms, delays in permits and Force Majeure. However, in current market situation, the objectives of delay analysis has shifted to allocate the delay damages to the participants.Since there are so many stakeholders involved in construction projects, such as owners, consultants, and government agencies, a clear understanding of the project scope split and an agreed-upon integrated time schedule is essential. The duration of any project has a direct impact on the financial results of all stakeholders and hence delays need to be analysed for granting of extension of time and levying of damages on parties causing such delays. Government[...]

News Bulletin: June 2022 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on June 10th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Expert Explains Why There Are No Bridges Across The Amazon RiverAn expert has revealed why there are no bridges over the 4,000-mile long Amazon river, which runs through multiple different countries.Unlike some small, lazy rivers where a few big stones are enough to allow a person to get across, the Amazon river is not one you can conquer without a bit of help.The world's second-longest river, the width of the Amazon averages between two to six miles depending on the area, and can even reach up to 30 miles wide during rainier periods. Source: Unilad2. Icebergs and fog: These unconventional sources can help beat global water scarcityAir, continental shelves and even cargo ships contain millions of cubic kilometres of water that can help reduce shortage of water across the world for drinking, sanitation, agriculture and economic development, new book has claimed.Unconventional Water Resources — compiled by experts at the United[...]

News Bulletin: May 2022 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on May 18th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Cruise tourism has potential to grow 10 folds, says Union Minister Sarbananda SonowalUnion Minister for Ports, Shipping & Waterways Sarbananda Sonowal has asserted that Indian cruise market has the potential to grow 10 folds over the next decade, driven by rising demand and disposable incomes. “The government of India realizes this potential and is determined to position India as a global cruise hub with state-of-art infrastructure for both ocean and river cruises," he said after inaugurating the 1st Incredible India International Cruise Conference 2022 in Mumbai today.Source: Free Press Journal2. IIT Gandhinagar develops framework to reduce damage to power transmission systems during cyclonesResearchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Gandhinagar, have developed a comprehensive framework that can reduce the damage to power transmission systems in coastal areas under cyclone scenarios.The team used damage-cum-wind speed data of Cyclone Fani in Odisha to develop a fragility model for towers, which helps[...]

News Bulletin: May 2022 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on May 10th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Adani Group commits to invest Rs 10,000 cr in Bengal Ports The Adani Group on Wednesday committed to invest Rs 10,000 crore in West Bengal over the next decade, group chief Gautam Adani announced on Wednesday. At the inaugural session of Bengal Global Business Summit 2022 (BGBS) here, Adani said the group will invest in port and infrastructure such as data centre, undersea cable, centre of excellence, warehousing and logistic parks to expand its business in the state. Source: Business World 2. The 50 Km Threat: How Govt Can Minimise Cyclone Damages along India's Coastline The government has always been worried about anti-national activities by inimical elements whether in the form of adversarial states, non-state actors or criminals. The Border Security Force (BSF) has been guarding the borders and the Centre has powers under Section 139 of the BSF Act to notify the change in its jurisdiction. It is for[...]

News Bulletin : April 2022 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on April 29th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Kerala Maritime Board plans big for coastal shipping developmentThe Kerala Maritime Board (KMB), the nodal agency for all maritime-related activities in Kerala, is pulling out all stops to woo investment for the development of port infrastructure in the State which has a 590-km long coastline with 17 minor and intermediate ports. The State has the scope for developing coastal shipping as an alternative in order to divert goods traffic from congested roads. N.S. Pillai, who took over as chairman of the KMB, said the board will be taking a slew of measures to develop coastal shipping. Source: The Hindu 2. Potentials of Blue Economy in BangladeshGreening coastal belt/delta planning: This will help reduce wind pressure of cyclones and also solidification of new lands. Mangrove in the Sunderbans comprising of 577,040 hectares provide livelihood to about 7.5 million people, timber, wood, boat building materials, rafts and garan for tanning nets, honey,[...]

Electrical Safety on Construction sites

Posted by : K Ayyalu Samy on March 19th, 2022 Blogs

Designation : Assistant Resident Engineer

Introduction Electrical safety is typically one of the main safety concerns at construction sites. Every construction site is covered with electrical hazards. Electrical safety is a general practice of workers who are exposed to handling and maintaining electrically powered equipment and using electricity in construction site. This blog takes a closer look at some common workplace electrical hazards and how to manage them. In addition, this blog discusses safety precautions and solutions for better electrical safety. A simple flow chart for ensure electrical safety at workplace and achieve zero electrical accident. Common Electrical Hazards The first step in improving electrical safety for construction sites is to make sure everyone is able to help identify electrical hazards. This can start with making sure everyone knows that they should treat all extension cords and other electrical equipment as if it had a live current going through it at all times. This simple procedure[...]

News Bulletin : March 2022 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on March 19th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. What Will the Impact of Electric Commercial Vehicles Be on the Utility Industry?As demand among consumers for EVs builds, fleet electrification is happening now and more initiatives are being announced all the time. Driven by policy, business factors and environmental concerns, the impact of electrification of commercial vehicles on the grid will need to be understood and addressed.Utilities will need to work with fleet owners and regulators to move forward. T&D World, in partnership with sister brand Fleet Maintenance, is creating a commercial EV business intelligence report, and we are looking for feedback from electric utilities on how commercial fleet managers for companies can connect with you, and vice versa. What is the road to progress for meaningful commercial electric vehicle fleet deployment? What are the speed bumps and barriers? Source: TD World Man2. ‘GIFT City'—India’s New Global Financial Services Hub Scales Up While presenting the Union Budget for the[...]

News Bulletin : March 2022 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on March 7th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Five lighthouses in Odisha poised for eco-tourism makeover on PPP modeOdisha’s five lighthouses, which have been providing safe voyage to mariners and navigators since the British era, will be developed into eco-tourism destinations on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model as a part of a country-wide programme to give infrastructure facelift to these Victorian age coastal establishments. The central government has initiated action for the development of tourism at five lighthouses-Gopalpur (Ganjam) Puri lighthouse (Puri), Chandrabhaga (Puri), Paradip (Jagatsinghpur), and False Point (Kendrapara)- in Odisha on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, the union minister of ports, shipping and waterways, Sarbananda Sonowal replying to a query by BJD MP Prashanta Nanda told the Rajya Sabha yesterday. Source: The States Man2. What drives sea level rise? Sea levels are rising, and that will bring profound flood risks to large parts of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts over the next three decades. A new report led[...]

Defects in Concrete and Preventive Measures

Posted by : Vinod Bhagwat on February 28th, 2022 Blogs

Designation : Assistant Resident Engineer

Concreting is a critical process which requires strict supervision during placing and compaction of the concrete so as to achieve the desired strength and durability. The improper compaction and bonding between the concrete may leads to various defects which affects the strength and durability of the concrete structure. Defects in concrete structures can result in failure of the structure under certain conditions. It is important for construction teams to observe these defects, such as cracking, spalling, blow holes, honey combing etc. to ensure that the structure being built out of concrete is capable of lasting its design life. Most of the degradation processes encountered by concrete structures such as corrosion, alkali-aggregate reaction, sulphate attack and many other types of physical and chemical deterioration, require water dissolved chemicals. The process of chemical and physical deterioration of concrete with time or reduction in durability is generally dependent on the presence and transport of the deleterious substances through concrete.[...]

News Bulletin : February 2022 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on February 25th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Coastal Zone Management Plans for demarcating Sagarmala projects?The National Perspective Plan report dated April 2016 of the Sagarmala Project under the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India has identified 14 Coastal Economic Zones (CEZs) along the coastline of India. Each of these CEZs is mapped to the nearby ports. The tiny State of Goa is included in the Coastal Economic Zone (CEZ) of South Konkan-Maharashtra under the Sagarmala project. The South Konkan-Maharashtra CEZ layout under the Sagarmala project is mapped to the Mormugao major Port The development of Chapora River, Mapusa/Moide River and Sal River have been included along with the rivers of Maharashtra in Cluster-7.This is highlighted in the feasibility report of April 2016 for the Mapusa/Moide River prepared for the Inland Waterways Authority of India(IWAI). Why should these rivers of Goa be included along with the rivers of Maharashtra? Source: Herald Goa2. J&K's becomes first UT to start[...]

Road Safety “Sadak Suraksha – Jeevan Raksha”

Posted by : Pinaki Ray on February 17th, 2022 Blogs

Designation : HSE Manager

India’s road transport sector accounts for about 87% of passenger traffic and 60% of freight traffic movement in the country. For many Indians, road transport is one of the most cost-effective and preferred mode of transport. This is true for both freight and passenger transport. A wide road network, the availability of a variety of transport modes that suit all kinds of individuals, as well as opportunities for low-cost travel are some of the reasons why road transport is popular and preferred.In today's world, road transport has become an integral part of the human experience. Virtually everyone is a road user in one way or the other. In recent years, India has developed many high-speed transport corridors that have minimised distances between people, businesses, towns, and cities. On the other hand, they have also increased the risk to life. Every year, road accidents result in the loss of lakhs of lives,[...]

News Bulletin : February 2022 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on February 8th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Brexit funds of €35m to be directed to coastal communities to improve piers and harbours European Brexit funds worth €35 million are to be directed to port and coastal communities to improve publicly-owned piers and harbours. The fund, which will be administered by the Department of Agriculture, will be paid out of the EU’s Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) fund. It will be targeted at rejuvenating public piers and harbours in coastal communities, the department said. The establishment of the fund was one of the recommendations of a seafood sector taskforce established after Brexit by Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue. The taskforce had proposed a fund of €80 million across five years for the development of publicly-owned marine infrastructure. Source: Irish Times 2. Budget 2022: SEZ likely to get infrastructure status The upcoming Budget is likely to revamp the Special Economic Zones Act, 2005, in a major push to boost the[...]

News Bulletin : January 2022 – Issue 2

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on January 29th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Climate change-induced permafrost thaw threatening homes, infrastructure in Arctic It has been well established through various studies that the Arctic permafrost has been warming and, in many areas, thawing since the 1980s due to climate change. But new research has claimed that continuous warming could pose danger to pose humans who have established settlements in the Arctic areas. According to a journal published in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment on Tuesday, the scientists have said that buckling roads, cracks appearing in building foundations and ruptured pipelines are likely to become a common sight in and around the Arctic as warming temperatures cause the frozen ground to thaw. Source: WIO News2. Panel for Gati Shakti asks DPIIT to identify high-impact infra projects The upcoming Union Budget 2022-23 is expected to give greater thrust to infrastructure creation and expedite connectivity projects in various economic zones. The Cabinet Secretary-led panel for Gati Shakti[...]

Impact of Accident on Infrastructure Development Project

Posted by : Pinaki Ray on January 21st, 2022 Blogs

Designation : HSE Manager

India is fast developing country and Infrastructure development is the key indicator for development. Accordingly, there are many infrastructure projects in progress across India specifically Roads & Highways, Coastal Infrastructure, and other infrastructural developments. Infrastructure development projects are carried out with high-risk activities and in hazardous environments. Even though all critical risk analysis is being done at the beginning of the project, while actual execution with all safety measures some lapses like manual errors, mechanical failures may happen. These lapses may lead / experiences accidents of various levels of severity, some causing minor and major injuries with even some resulting in fatality. These Occupational accidents in the infra development projects can have negative detrimental effects directly on project execution, as they can result in loss of productivity, delay the project, low staff morale, loss of reputation, decrease market value and risk to business sustainability. Following a workplace accident, companies often look[...]

News Bulletin : January 2022 – Issue 1

Posted by : Eka Infra Consultants on January 14th, 2022 Bulletin, Industry News

1. Smart ports, digitization & more! Sagarmala programme to boost India’s coastal economy The Modi government’s Sagarmala programme is strengthening India’s coastal economy like never before! Apart from building new ports, it is also modernizing old ports of the country with a major infrastructural overhaul. According to details shared by the government, as many as 802 projects worth Rs 5.53 lakh crore are part of the Sagarmala programme. So far, a total of 172 projects have been completed already and 235 projects are underway. A new port is being constructed, worth Rs 6,554 crore. With the Sagarmala programme, the digitization of various systems under one common platform has increased efficiency and output as well. Some of the major initiatives and benefits under digitization include the introduction of smart ports in India, transparency and clarity of work, streamlined communication by a web-based system and a paperless regime. Source: Financial Express 2. Bokaro[...]