Eka Infra is more than an amalgamation of Indian and International specialists with an expertise in all aspects of infrastructure development, we envision the new ways in which technology and engineering consulting services can be delivered for our clients. Our multidisciplinary approach provides innovation to not just satisfaction but transformational ideas and effective execution to ensure the satisfaction of our clients beyond their own understanding of their needs. With a combined experience measured in centuries and access to the latest research we deliver where other promise infrastructure consultation, advisory and policy work, expert management support, inspection services that provide competitive advantages to our clients.

Eka Infra provides holistic solutions supporting the development of high-quality infrastructure to support economic development across India. From concept planning, through project development and construction to operation, we are committed to enable clients and other stakeholders to conceptualise the requirement, understand and mitigate the inherent risks before we help them deliver innovative designs, implement efficient delivery and then ensure it operates as planned. All this whilst managing carefully cost and finance.

The objective of Eka Infra is to apply our extensive experience and expertise for the benefit of our clients and the banks, insurers, contractors and others supporting them. In doing so we ensure India is provided effective and sustainable infrastructure at affordable and optimal cost. This is our contribution to India delivering infrastructure through the ethical application of best practice.


Second Year Milestone Video